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What is the what is EH 36 steel sheet forging

What is the what is EH 36 steel sheet forging

Thickness: 3-150mm
Width: 1220-4200mm
Length: 5000-18000mm Note:coil thickness≤25mm


With high-quality what is EH 36 steel steel and professional services, we have won international praise in infrastructure, shipbuilding, oil and other industries, and gradually grow into a bright star in the steel export industry, while winning unanimous praise from foreign customers. It has laid a foundation for the development of our what is EH 36 steel steel market and improved the control of steel plate production quality.

what is EH 36 steel, 40Cr material is a common machinery manufacturing steel under GB/T 3077-2015 standard. After tempering, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity. The hardenability of steel is good. It can be hardened to Ф28-60mm during water quenching and Ф15-40mm during oil quenching. The cutting performance is better, when the hardness is HB174 -229, the relative cutting workability is 60%.

Bridge steel plates are thick steel plates made of carbon steel and low-alloy steel for bridge construction. The main applications of bridge steel plates are to build railway bridges, highway bridges, and sea-crossing bridges. The bridge steel plates are required to have high strength, durability and bear the load and impact of rolling stock. Bridge steel plates have good water resistance, low thermal conductivity, flat and lubricated surface. The main grades of bridge steel plates are A709 grade 50, A588 grade B, what is EH 36 steel and so on.

A small amount of Nb is sufficient to obtain excellent comprehensive properties of what is EH 36 steel etc. steel material, because at low Nb concentration, the yield strength of steel material increases faster and is proportional to the concentration, but when the Nb content is greater than 0.03%, the strengthening effect begins to decrease. Studies have shown that when the Nb content is greater than 0.06%, excess Nb will no longer strengthen the steel material.

S355J2+N steel plate belongs to the European standard low alloy structural steel grade. S355J2 steel is equivalent to Q345D grade. what is EH 36 steel, S355J2+N low alloy steel plate is widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, building steel structures. Mechanical properties of S355J2+N steel: Yield strength: ≤16mm: ≥355; 16-40: ≥345; 40-63: ≥335; 63-80: ≥325;80-100: ≥315; 100-150: 295; 150-200: ≥285; 200-250: ≥275; 250-400: ≥265. Tensile strength: 450-680MPa.

We have a good inventory system because of which the alloy steel plates and structural steel sheets are supplied and delivered to our customers on time. Our alloy steel plate is significantly affordable than austenitic what is EH 36 steel stainless steel which helps to reduce maintenance and full life costs – as well as improved safety over standard boilerplate. Contact us today to request a quotation or email us with your complete specification, we are happy to help you!

To provide customers with the most satisfactory service and realize the win-win of economic and social benefits, our company promises to provide excellent what is EH 36 steel products in this bidding, and in line with the attitude of being serious and responsible to customers, before sending goods to users, the what is EH 36 steel technical personnel shall confirm that there is no fault in the equipment before sending goods to users, and then send goods and products to users, and formulate the following service terms.

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