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EH36 plate properties structural specification scope freely

EH36 plate properties structural specification scope freely

Thickness: 3-150mm
Width: 1220-4200mm
Length: 5000-18000mm Note:coil thickness≤25mm


There are 40 tons 6mm thin plate ABS Grade A hot rolled sheet. Supply specification(mm): 6*1700*10000, 6*3180*5000, 6.5*2700*11000, 6.5*2000*12000, 6*3180*4000, 6*2590*4000, 6*3330*4700, 6.5*2200*10000, 6.5*2200*9300, 6*3330*5100, 6*1820*12000, 6*3450*4200, 6.5*2200*9500, 6*2050*10650, 6*2050*11400, 6*1700*7000, 6*3360*5600. For shipbuilding steel AB-A, ABS A plates, EH36 plate properties stock and price, welcome to feel free to contact us.

The volume of coal transferred from ports around the Bohai Sea rebounded slightly, but the overall inventory was low, and coal trading in the market showed a weak supply and demand situation. Moreover, the current state guarantees supply and underpricing signals are relatively clear, and continue to put pressure on the market. In addition, power plant inventories are running at a high level, the weather in southern my country is higher than that of the same period last year, and the terminal continues to accumulate, which has also curbed the excessive rise of coal prices to a certain extent.

EH36 plate properties Weldability refers to the performance of the weld joint with the expected quality requirements obtained by common welding methods under specific structure and process conditions. Weldability is generally judged by the crack sensitivity and the change of mechanical properties of weld zone. The ability of steel materials to withstand bending without cracking at room temperature is called cold bending. The greater the bending capacity before crack, the better the cold bending performance of the steel material.

Medium and thick plates EH36 plate properties are mostly used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc. Medium and thick plates can also be used to make all kinds of containers, furnace shells, furnace plates, automobile static steel plates and so on. Among them, shipbuilding steel plate is used to make marine and inland ships. The shipbuilding steel plate EH36 plate properties is required to have high strength, plasticity, toughness, good cold bending performance, welding performance and corrosion resistance.

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